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SLA Grassroots Program

The SLA needs you!

We are working to identify which of our members live in the districts of key state and federal legislators so that when we have important issues we need to bring to their attention, we can work with you to ensure those messages are coming from their constituents. Numerous studies demonstrate that legislators are very receptive to the outreach efforts of the citizens who live in their constituencies. A call, letter, e-mail or visit, or even a social media post, to your elected leaders can be invaluable.

Please click here to join the SLA grassroots program.

NOTE: It is crucial that when you sign up, you provide your HOME address. We absolutely will keep that information private, but it is vital in identifying which legislative districts you live in. Elected officials primarily want to hear from residents of their constituencies and often do not respond to individuals who do not live, or vote, in those constituencies.

Also, please feel free to contact Cliston Brown, vice president, Communications and Government Relations, at 415-434-4900, extension 139, or , if you have any questions or would like to discuss how else you can get involved.