SLA Quarterly
Irv Anderson Chairman's Report

SLA Celebrates 53rd Year of Operation

In 1992 we enter our 53rd year of operations in encouraging members and non-members to comply with the laws of the State of California and the rules and regulations of the Insurance Commissioner, and in particular, in making the required and proper filings for compliance so that we can forward these filings on to the Insurance Commissioner.

Further, we encourage fair dealings between members and the public, the protection of the rights of admitted insurers under the Surplus Line Laws and to assure legal use of the surplus fine market by members of the Association.

As your 1992 Chairman I am fortunate to have serving on the Executive Committee:

  • Phil Beauchamp of Jardine Insurance Brokers San Francisco, Inc.
  • Tom Carey of Railroad Insurance Brokers, Inc.
  • Jack Connolly of Crouse and Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc.
  • Ed Casey of Steward Smith West, Inc.
  • Hartley Cravens of Cravens Management Company Insurance Services
  • Howard Green of Howard-James Company
  • Hank Haldeman of Henry Ward Johnson & Go., Inc.
  • Bob Keul of Montgomery & Collins, Inc,
  • Bruce MacCready of MacCready & Gutman
  • Jerry Sullivan of Gerald J. Sullivan &Associates
  • Jim Widgren of INC Insurance Services

Also included is Mike Hall of M. J. Hall & Company, Inc., who is serving as our Secretary-Treasurer.

In addition, there are seven committees whose chairpersons and members are appointed by the Chairman of the Association. Participation on these committees usually occurs after individuals express their interest to the Manager, Assistant Manager, Chairman or Executive Committee members. Potential committee members are expected to be active participants in committee work and in the operations of this, their Association.

Since there is a rotation process utilized for each new year, a good opportunity exists for your request to join a committee to be considered in light of how best you may assist' the coming year's operations.

We are hoping this newsletter will be informative concerning the daily activities of the Association and will stimulate your interest in becoming an active participant. .

- Irv Anderson

Bob Keul

Bob Keul Introduces SLA Quarterly

As the 1991 past-Chairman's the Surplus Lines Association, I am pleased to introduce you to this first issue of the SLA Quarterly. Included in my goals for last year were improvement in both the educational and communication aspects of the Association. We view the production of this newsletter as a critical tool in improving communication with our members and your incoming Chairman has formed a new committee to assist in the timely production of this document.

It is our intent with this newsletter to provide you with current information and relative topics including regular columns by committee chairpersons including both the Chairman of the SLA and the Manager of the Association. These columns will help you keep abreast of developments within the Association, important legislative matters, and up-to-date procedural details and/or changes from the Stamping Office.

Obviously the production of a newsletter of this type involves a great deal of work and we look forward to input from readers to ensure that issues of interest are being addressed. Therefore, included with this first issue is a facsimile form which will allow you to return any ideas or suggestions you may have to the Stamping Office for consideration in upcoming issues. Additionally, since distribution of any publication is critical, kindly let the Stamping Office know if you require additional copies for your office.

As your retiring Chairman, I am again pleased to have initiated this newsletter which I view as extremely important in the handling of non-admitted business within the state of California. Your input and support in our new quarterly production will also guarantee its success!

- Bob Keul

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